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    Hello dear collectors.

   Let me tell you briefly about myself and my hobby. My interest in scale models has arisen in me since childhood, when my father first time gave me an orange machine as a present. It was a scale model of  Moskvich Izh 2125 Combi A12 in a scale of 1:43.


At that time I was 5 years old. And that's how my interest in scale car models started. My father, seeing my excitement, started giving me new automobile models whenever possible. Every time when my dad was leaving on a business trip, a big surprise was waiting for me upon his return. On days like that my collection usually increased by at least 3-4 models. 


    I remember that during those years I had managed to accumulate 36 models, but after the collapse of the Soviet Union, that number 36 never increased. Vice versa - over the years, because of playing with other children, they began to break and I also gave a few to my cousins. Unfortunately none of those 36 models have survived until now. My interest in scale models never diminished though. Even when I was 12-13years old, I was trying to fix the broken models: I used to remake the lost pieces from scratch, after which I used to paint them and seemed like I managed to do a pretty good job. Even now I get great pleasure out of working with models. One of the examples of my work is the handmade BMW 3-Series e36 M sedan.  Rather, this is my first job as an adult.

    Why have I chosen specifically 1:43 scale? First of all, what attracted me most was the size of the models that perfectly fit in the palm of your hand. The most important thing is that on models of this scale you can see small details, emblems and even grill without a magnifying glass. The second reason is that you get the biggest variety of models produced specifically in this segment! I think this is an optimal size and does not require a large space for maintenance and care. My interest was revived again in 2006, when I saw scale models of different cars being sold in Vernisage, which is something like of an expensive flea market in my city. That day I bought two models: Mitsubishi Lancer EVO VIII 2003 white IXO and Subaru Impreza WRX STI 2003 blue IXO These models became the beginning of my hobby's rebirth.


And now a few words about our website:

I think that we, as collectors, are trying to gather some information about the models we take interest in, before buying them. We search the web for detailed pictures, read forums, and only then decide if we're going to purchase it or not. To me, the most important things are the accuracy of the scale and uniformity of the model. Unfortunately, there's almost no available information regarding the accuracy of the scale models. At least I could not find any. I decided to create a website, where I will display my entire collection of models with precise dimensions and description, so that visitors of our site will get the best and most up to date information on a specific model.



Aram Balasanyan